Academic Emphasis

Being located on the border with Mexico, facilitates the task of giving excellent and unique training. The faculty brings a background of studies and experiences from different countries of the world. Therefore, global educational philosophies combine with that experience, providing the student with an opportunity to open up to new customs and ways of thinking. This better prepares the student to minister in and out of your field.

Spiritual Emphasis

The student who comes to Rio Grande Bible Seminary will find an institution where the development of his spiritual life is considered the highest priority. Classes will challenge you academically, but their focus is obedience to the Word of God and not mere knowledge. It emphasizes the believer's union with Christ and the impact of this on his life. Leadership is focused as a "service" to the Lord and to His church, which is accomplished through good preparation and steady guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Personal Discipline

The student will be forced to discipline himself in the use of his time. The work program with the studies and living in a new culture, formed by the communion of people from different places, require a unique adaptation and discipline on the part of the student. The intensity of the studies, the practical service during the weekends and the work program demand a proper discipline on behalf of student who wants to have a good testimony in everything he does. School graduates are very appreciative of the discipline they learned during their stay here and this discipline helps them for the rest of their lives.
The student will be challenged to discipline himself in his personal life. The Seminary believes that a worker of the Lord must maintain a flawless life and have high standards of behavior that govern everyone. Obedience and submission, even under difficult situations, are seen as crucial in preparing to serve God. The norms will not always be the same for your family and / or your church, therefore no student should not come if he is not willing to obey and comply with the norms of the Seminary.

See the "Student Handbook" for SBRG standards..

Our goal is an integral preparation, seeking excellence in ministry, which is seen as "service" in the church for Christ our Lord.