Letter from President

"God is moving with challenging energy at Rio Grande Bible Ministries !We are witnessing a movement of the Latin American church into world missions! Training Spanish-speaking young people for taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto the ends of the earth is now more urgent than ever before.

Video Esperanza has begun to create an effective distance-education program that will allow Spanish speakers to be trained in their home countries rather than needing to travel great distances to find adequate education.

Our Bible College students are planting new churches, building the ministries of local churches, serving in missions all over the world, and planning, organizing, and implementing ministry opportunities of virtually every description. They will soon graduate with both passion and experience to go into every distant corner of the globe and turn this world upside down with the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ!

Response to the ministry of Radio Esperanza is very strong! Evangelism, discipleship, encouragement, and teaching are all remarkably effective through radio. Vast numbers of listeners tune in every day to listen to our well-planned programming, and the fruit of that impact is readily visible in the communities and local churches in the ministry areas. How else could we reach two hundred thousand people every day?

How else could we reach two hundred thousand people every day? We have enjoyed many years of preparing English-speaking missionaries for service in Latin America in our Missionary Language School by teaching Spanish and Latin American culture. We are now beginning to prepare Spanish-speaking missionaries to serve in other countries, cultures, and languages!

Bibleville is a source of constant encouragement and growth. Our week-long Bible conferences, weekly music concerts, community involvement, and outreaches at local trailer parks, flea markets, and schools provide abundant ministry opportunities for the winter residents.

Come look at our site website and follow the links to discover how God is moving in our midst!"

Dr. Lawrence B. Windle