RGBI Update, April 1

Dear friends of RGBM,

Thanks for praying for The Echoes!

The Echoes
(Pictured above in the back row: Angie and Luis Ariel. Front row: Charles and Samai)

As a music team, this group of students have been used by the Lord to encourage various churches in South Texas each weekend this semester. Now it is time to put the final details into their tour schedules, song repertoires, and program outlines before the Tuesday, May 9th campus graduation and the subsequent beginning of their tour on Wednesday, May 10th. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois are the main states that The Echoes will be ministering in. We are excited that this team will have the opportunity to come alongside churches like those in the Chicago metro area who are seeing the need to reach into the Hispanic communities around them with the Gospel!

If you are located near Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois and would like The Echoes to come to your church or community, please e-mail Dan Antoniuk at dantoniuk@riogrande.edu. There are still a few openings in their schedule, but not for long! If you would like to watch a short Vimeo introduction of the team, please click here.


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Robert Allen Emily Windle
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