RGBI Update, January 21

Leave a Legacy

When you pass away, the legacy you leave behind can have an eternal impact. How so? By adding Rio Grande Bible Ministries as a beneficiary of your will, you create an opportunity for more students to be trained for ministry, resulting in the spreading of the gospel beyond your lifetime.

The Voice of a Legacy

Every year the vast majority of Americans who die do so without having prepared a valid last will and testament. For the past three decades the numbers hover between 70% and 80%.

This statistic is especially astounding since state and federal laws provide some significant incentives for the preparation of a will. These incentives are designed to make it easy for very personal wishes to be known and followed—wishes that deal with child custody, property distribution and a legacy of values. Not to mention the fact that, in many cases, a carefully planned will serves to actually minimize costs related to settling an estate.

Creating A Will

While almost all of the reasons for procrastinating are understandable, none will serve to lessen the reality that the absence of a will can have a devastating impact on an estate. Here is a look at what constitutes a valid will that can stand up under the probate process:

  • A will must be signed by a person of legal age. In most states this is age 18.
  • The document must be the product of a person with full capacity to state their will.
  • The document must have been created with full intent of taking effect at death.
  • A will must be signed free of fraud, undue influence, duress or coercion.
  • Most states require that the will be signed in front of witnesses.

These simple steps are all that is required to constitute a valid will. It is recommended that individuals consult their attorneys to guard against anything that might delay the process of probating an estate. Your will is your opportunity to carefully articulate your wishes, your values and your legacy.*

A will can be used not only to benefit your family and loved ones, but can also be used to further the ministry here at RGBM. For further information, visit this webpage or contact our department directly. We are happy to assist you and provide you with a FREE copy of Crescendo's Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust.

*The information used in this e-mail is directly from Voice of a Legacy: Planning your will and trust brochure by Crescendo Interactive, Inc.© 2015. Used by permission.

We are very blessed to have the privilege of developing Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church. Would you prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to be a part of our valuable ministry here by faithfully praying for us, willingly supporting our programs financially, or generously giving of your time and talents?

Thanks again for praising God with us for all that He is enabling! If you have any questions about how you can be involved in our ministries, please contact our department.


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