RGBI Update, June 24

Music Groups Serving Around the United States

Our students are blessed each year to travel all over the United States in two separate music groups. The Echoes and the Ambassadors; music groups are concluding their travels which involved thousands of miles, some combined 52 churches and ministries, and 17 different states.

What an opportunity to serve the local church, share what the Lord is doing on our campus, and share how the Lord is working in the lives of our students. We were able to meet many dedicated church members, ministry leaders, and pastors and the students developed relationships that will often last a lifetime. We want to say thank you to all those that provided hospitality and made us feel at home wherever we went.

Our students do much more than just sing. This year they helped with the church planting initiative in Chicago, knocked on doors to promote local churches and share the gospel, worked in a childrens home building retaining walls, helped move furniture for an injured church member, preached, and simply served as the church needed.

(Below) Pictured left to right are Charles, Samai, Luis Ariel, and Angie from the Echoes music group.

(Below) Pictured left to right are Jorge, Ricardo, Juan Carlos and Hugo from the Ambassadors music group.

The Echos and the Ambassadors groups sang and ministered in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisianna, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Iowa.

I would love to talk with you about how you can help further develop our students and allow us to train them to take the gospel all around the world. We are truly grateful for all those that make Rio Grande Bible Ministries possible.


Bob Allen
Robert Allen
Vice President of Ministerial Advancement
Office: (956) 380-8125