RGBI Update, March 2

Permeating the Darkness

On Friday, February 24th, 2017 more than 60 men and women converged in the middle of a rugged frontier known as Roma, Texas to dedicate the property and plans of a future radio tower to the Lord.

Dr. Windle sharing a brief message at the Roma site
(Pictured above: Dr. Windle sharing a brief message at the Roma site. The stake is the location of a future tower guy-wire.)

Why there?
Back in 2009, Rio Grande Bible Institute was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a small radio station along the US/Mexico border. This little station had great potential as it would allow the Gospel to penetrate into difficult-to-reach areas of Mexico through a quality FM signal. When the final deal was made, RGBI acquired the radio station, but not the land or the radio tower.

Although we have been able to use the tower, the rent for the use of that space and the rise in criminal activity/insecurity at that general location have reached an apex. It has now become obvious that we would be better stewards of the Lord's resources if we acquired our own land, tower, and building. We see that once we own these items, that they could pay for themselves in savings within a few years and improve our current operation. The new Roma site is part of that goal.

With that in mind, how are we moving forward?
The Lord has provided us with the land and the desire to see lost souls come to Christ through our radio ministry. We are seeing His provision to meet that need as we wade through the paperwork and trust Him for each step.

As our Radio Engineer, Tom Van Gorkom explains:

“In spite of the less than ideal operating conditions, we have seen a great increase of listeners in the region covered by the station we purchased in 2009. Our understanding is that our listener reach has extended to the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico; a very large city. Roma is the closest US town to that city and thus a major thoroughfare for business and other traffic. This region is also known for spiritual darkness and the worship of Satan.

During the last two years, funds have been raised to cover most of the cost of the land and construction for the new station, but finding the land took much prayer and patience. Now that we have land, we await all of the permissions to be processed through various government agencies in order to actually build the tower and transmitter building. Once complete, we can apply to transfer the operating license from the 2009 station to the new location.

We thank God that a local Christian businessman who runs a tower company along the border donated a 480 foot tower and offered his expertise and contacts for potential tower renters. With this tower in the new location, our antenna will be almost 400 feet higher than it is currently and we will be allowed to increase transmitter power, potentially reaching farther than we do now.

We also are very grateful to the many donors who have helped raise about $270,000 toward this project.”

In communicating with the Radio Department about this exciting opportunity, we see that there are some urgent prayer items:

  1. The current lease for the original station in Roma that was purchased in 2009 expires on October 1, 2017. We need the Lord to expedite the lengthy paperwork and permit processes for the new tower.
  2. We acknowledge that the Lord is using us to broadcast the Gospel further into a very dark area known for criminal activity: we need the Lord's protection.
  3. There are very many details involved in the building process. We need the Lord to direct us to just the right contractor and building solution.

We are praising God for His provision and guidance in our ministries. Would you prayerfully consider how the Lord might be directing you to be a part of His work here at RGBM?


Bob Allen Emily Windle
Robert Allen Emily Windle
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