RGBI Update, May 27

Celebrating God’s Goodness

Our May 2017 Biblical Studies graduates.

We are so very thankful that another class of students have completed their training with us! The Lord has been very generous towards us by graciously allowing us to be a small part of so much potential. Each of our students come to us with a calling to an aspect of ministry, and leave us as trained, Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church. This semester, three students received academic scholarships, provided by generous individuals who gave of the Lord’s provision for them. The recipients, along with the student body are encouraged when individuals like yourself stand behind them in this tangible way. Would you prayerfully consider funding an academic scholarship today?

Please join us in praising God for the following graduates:

From our Three-Year Bachelors of Biblical Studies Program:

Clara Luz Berlanga, Catherine Bonhaure Reversat, Yensel Abel Carcamo López, Nicolás Cornejo López, Melissa Espinal Romero, Juan Luis Fernández, Yalid Fuentes, Osbaldo Enrique Gámez Padilla, Carla X. García Capilla, Yarely Abigail López Tapia, Francisco Morales, Jonathan Moya, Sara María Puerto Argueta, Karla Raquel Ramos, Marcos Fabian Reversat Fridriksson, William Natanael Reversat F, and Cristina Wiebe.

From our Two-Year Certificate in Biblical Studies Program:

Marcela Alba and Joel Benjamín Ruiz Centeno

From our One-Year Certificate in Biblical Studies Program:

Edith Cárdenas Mayo

From our Spanish Language School/ Intercultural Studies Program:

Bernadette Margaret Montgomery, Jerrod W Montgomery, Mark Kenneth Perry, Gary Richard Sandman, Bethany Shuecraft, and Titus Shuecraft.

The Language School/Intercultural Studies graduates are committed to serve in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Chile, Puerto Rico, and the US. Our Biblical Studies graduates are from the US, Mexico, Honduras, Paraguay, and Ecuador. Five of them majored in Christian Education, three of them majored in Women’s Ministries, three of them majored in Missions, and seven majored in Pastoral Studies. Nine of them graduated with honors.

Please pray that these graduates would be fruitful in ministry. Pray that they would grow daily in their personal walk with the Lord and sacrificially serve wherever God places them throughout their lives.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry! If you would like more information about academic scholarships, or any other giving opportunity, please contact us.


Emily Windle Bob Allen
Emily Windle Robert Allen
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