RGBI Update, October 08

Called To Train

Dear Friends,

We have recently seen God's blessing in how He has brought us some new additions to our staff family. Today we are privileged to introduce you to John and Char Lotzgesell (pictured below), who are eagerly sharing a bit of their journey with you here in this update. Their story begins around a campfire in college, and continues with surrender and heartfelt sincerity. As a ministry we ask that you prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you to encourage and support their service here at Rio Grande Bible Minsitries. If you would like to connect with them, please do not hesitate to e-mail them at: clotzgesell@riogrande.edu.

Sitting around a campfire at sunset we sang an evening prayer with heartfelt sincerity. “Oh choose me in my golden time, in my dear joys have part…” That was back at a college retreat during the seventies but it seems like we are re-living that ‘golden time’ here at Rio Grande Bible Institute as new staff members. Major life decisions were made during our college days including career choices, life partner, and grad school selections as well as the development of life-long friendships. Thinking back to those days we are extremely grateful for each person who played a part in God’s formation of us. Now we find ourselves on the other end – that of learning to know and love the next generation of students who have come here from all over the Spanish speaking world to prepare to be godly Christian leaders. What a privilege!

Lotzgesell John & Char

How did we get here?
After spending twenty plus years on various mission fields outside the USA we realized that God has given us abilities in language learning and cross-cultural adaptation. As we looked for the next step to take in using those gifts, two couples with whom we had stayed in contact from the past communicated the need for more Spanish-speaking staff to teach at RGBI. Bob and Barb Kracht, whom we knew from college days and Keith and Olivia Heppner, with whom we had worked in Ecuador, both thought we should consider applying to the school where they were working. How wonderful to have Christian friends like them and to experience how God uses other people to show us His will and direct our paths!

He also uses the desires that are placed in our lives. In our case, God has placed so many people from other countries in our hearts and given us a desire to encourage, share truths from His Word, give witness to His trustworthiness, and help train His faithful followers. Why should we gather a life-time of knowledge and then stop teaching? We feel eager to share what our Father has done for us and what He can do for these new students.

One example comes to mind of how we were able to put some of these things into practice. During my time of study in Cambridge during the 2012-2013 school year, Char and I lived with 18 other PhD students in an International Boarding House. Those students had all the facts regarding their topics and could refute anyone. The thing they noticed about us, however, was that we could get along as a couple! After sharing a kitchen and dining room with students from every continent for several months one of the women students came to us and said she had never seen a married couple get along so well. She asked, “How do you stay so happy together?”  We were able to share Eph. 4:32 with her, explaining that we could forgive each other when we had differences because we had been forgiven by God because of Christ! Our enemy is waging war against the family across this entire planet. Our prayer is that our Savior will use us to be a testimony here at the school to help win that war for Him! 

We are very blessed to have the privilege of developing Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church. Would you prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to be a part of our valuable ministry here by faithfully praying for us, willingly supporting our programs financially, or generously giving of your time and talents?

Thanks again for praising God with us for all that He is enabling! If you have any questions about how you can be involved in our ministries, please contact our department. 

Lotzgesell John & Char


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