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January 25, 2018
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December 29, 2016
Testimonies (Spanish Only)

We present some testimonials from our students talking about the blessing and the impact in their life during their stay in the seminar

"God, thru Rio Grande Bible College has given me the opportunity to have a good doctrinal foundation"
"Before being a student, of being a servant, of being in the ministry, I am his daughter"
"I love how God has been teaching me about missions, the great commission and how I can fit in His great plan for the world"
Rio Grande Magazine

Rio Grande Bible Ministries publishes the RIO GRANDE MAGAZINE three times a year. This publication provides insights about various facets of its ministry as well as a devotional to encourage and stimulate its readers in their walk with Lord Jesus Christ.

Retirement with a Purpose

Each fall, as we eagerly await the arrival of the first cold front, we also look forward to the return of our Winter Volunteers. Some of these hardy workers, from many parts of the US and Canada, have been making the trek to the Rio Grande Valley for twenty or more years. Why do they come, and what do they do here? This issue of the magazine is dedicated to answering those questions. Pictured are a few of those who blessed us with their service this winter season.

New Tools for Language School

Ask any grad of our Spanish language program what was the most enjoyable part of his or her experience at Rio Grande. An overwhelming majority would gladly sing the praises of the Bible College students who spent hours with them, tutored them in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and in the process became their friends. Pictured using the new Vistas book are Christopher Duryee, who is preparing to go to Spain with his wife and children, and Mexican student and tutor Omar García.

Reaching the Nations

Until every people group has had a chance to hear the Good News of the Gospel, how can we neglect the millions who are still unreached? At RGBM, we are seeking to do our part in promoting global missions. Each summer several student teams go around the world to share their faith, and many of our graduates are serving as full-time missionaries. They all deserve our prayers and support.

Bibleville Our Winter Home

The Rio Grande Valley is a favorite winter vacation spot for thousands of northerners. The mild weather, citrus trees in the back yard, and the Gulf of Mexico only an hour away make it very appealing. A few miles from Alamo, Texas, there is a place that attracts a distinct group of people who willingly serve God in their later years, even in the winter. It is called Bibleville

Modeling Ministry, Training the next generation of leaders

It takes a band of dedicated staff members to accomplish RGBM’s goal of training godly leaders for the global church. In this issue we present some members of our team who are doing their part to equip our students for ministry.
Lets Learn Together (Spanish Only)

The Rio Grande Bible Seminary offers you some of the courses recorded. We hope they are a blessing for you and your ministry. All the courses have been recorded in spanish.

A basic study on how to be a disciple of Christ. Is there a difference between
16 lessons
Wilson Campoverde
This excellent series teaches how to use money as God intended. Spanish.
10 lessons
Andrés Panasiuk
The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the basic concepts of
16 lessons
Gordon Pike
This course deals with homiletics, the art and science of preaching that
16 lessons
Dr. Jorge Sánchez
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Radio Esperanza

This exciting AM and FM ministry (KRIO 910 AM, KOIR 88.5 FM, and KRIO-FM 97.7 FM) beams the Gospel in Spanish into areas where missionaries or pastors may never be able to go.

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RIO GRANDE GLOBAL seeks to address issues of particular interest and concern on the part of the Spanish-speaking elements of the community that sends students to our Bible College as well as financially supports and prays for our ministries.

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