Academic Information

Language Aptitude Test and Class Placement

On registration day, all beginning students are given a language aptitude test. This test evaluates the student’s grasp of English and Spanish grammatical concepts. The Dean of the Intercultural Studies uses this to help with the student’s class placement.

Students who come with some knowledge of Spanish may qualify to enter the advanced semester. They will be given an oral exam by the Intercultural Studies Dean on registration day. If they pass the oral exam, they will not need to take the language aptitude test. If the student has had significant prior Spanish and is interested in entering the advanced semester he/she should indicate this to the admission department along with their application.

In the advanced semester there is a greater challenge and a good foundation of grammar and phonetics can be laid. Some who have studied Spanish in college or high school find that many things in the second semester go beyond what they have studied previously.

Please note that those who enter the advanced semester without having taken the beginning semester here, may face difficulties because of not having the phonetics foundation built in the first semester.

Auditing a Intercultural Studies Class

We do not encourage students to audit classes, but a student may opt to audit a class in the Intercultural Studies with the approval of the Dean. The auditing student:

  • will not receive any credit for the class,
  • will attend and complete all assignments that other class members are required to complete (including exams),
  • will pay exactly the same fees for the class as those taking it for credit,
  • will be asked to stop attending the class if failing to complete assignments or when reaching the maximum number of absences allowed in the class according to the student handbook, and
  • will be approved for promotion to the next semester only after completing satisfactorily an oral exam with a member of the faculty appointed by the Dean.

Taking a Bible Institute Class (Auditing or for Credit)

Advanced level missionaries may take a class in the Bible Institute as schedules allow. Please register for the class in the following order during the first week of classes: 1) obtain permission from the Intercultural Studies Dean; 2) go to the Registrar’s Office to obtain the appropriate form; 3) obtain permission from the professor and ask him to sign the form; 4) return the completed form to the Registrar’s Office. Intercultural Studies students auditing a class in the Bible Institute will not pay an additional fee, but normal Bible Institute tuition fees will be charged for courses taken for credit.

Reports to Sending Agencies

At the end of each semester, a personal report of the language student’s linguistic progress is sent to the sending agency. The report contains an evaluation of the student’s attitude, sociability and ease of adjustment to circumstances which often parallel missionary service. Grades will also be included (with the student’s written consent).