Admission Requirements

Our students have already been accepted by an evangelical mission board or have been sent to us by a Christian agency or church that ministers to Hispanic people. The Intercultural Studies is not designed for those who wish to learn Spanish for merely personal or business interests.The following admissions requirements must be adhered to before we will accept anyone for language studies:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Must be a high school graduate (completed the 12th grade or GED), with further education preferred
  3. Must have ability to meet all financial obligations with out working
  4. Must be with a mission board or church sending agency
  5. Must have definite plans for immediate use of the language in ministry after graduation
  6. Must be in basic agreement with the doctrinal position of RGBI

It is highly recommended that the missionary complete the two semesters of study in order to build a solid foundation of the language. If a mission requires the missionary to leave before completing the entire course of study, we request that a letter be sent to the Dean of the Intercultural Studies informing him of this need. Those who leave the program early or who do not complete at least the second semester of study will not receive a certificate.

If the missionary, after being accepted, finds it necessary to cancel or defer to a later entrance date, he should notify the admissions office immediately.