Financial Information

Charges for tuition, fees, books, and housing are due at the beginning of each semester. Students are responsible for the payment of all bills. If the mission agency pays for any of the costs, the missionary must make his/her own arrangements for any reimbursements. The total cost may be evenly divided into monthly payments, if approved by the finance office,
but any and all payments will be credited against the oldest unpaid items. If at any time a student’s long distance phone and/or electric bill exceeds $200, all charges must be paid. Any questions regarding finances should be directed to the finance office of Rio Grande Bible Institute and not the Intercultural Studies offices. The numbers are (956) 380-8189 or (956) 380-8194.

There will be a 1% charge on the unpaid balance each month. Student accounts with the school must be kept current in order to enroll for the following semester.

All language students must come with sufficient financial resources. Because the course is very concentrated, there is no time for outside employment or fund-raising. Any employment while in Missionary Intercultural Studies must first be approved by the Dean of the Intercultural Studies.

No Veteran’s Administration benefits can be applied to costs at Rio Grande Bible Institute and Intercultural Studies. No financial aid is available.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws or is asked to withdraw from a service (meals, day care, etc.) or from a class or classes within the following time periods, credits for tuition, fees, and service charges shall be as follows:

During a semester:
First week 80%
Second week 75%
Third week 50%
Fourth week 10%
More than 4 full weeks none

The withdrawal date of a student shall be the date the registrar receives written notice from the student or ten school days following the last date of attendance. If a student is asked to withdraw, the withdrawal date shall be the last day of attendance. Forms for withdrawal or adding classes are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Below is a financial simulator of costs for one semester of studies. These costs are in US dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. To download the document with the cost information click here.

Description Select Unit cost Number Totals
Academic Fees        
Application Fee (no refundable) 15.00
ID Card Fee 5.00
Records Fee por semester 42.00
Books (required) * 300.00
Medical Insurance + 385.00
Technology Fee - Single 75.00  
Technology Fee- Families 90.00  
Educational Charge        
Full Load (15 hrs or more, Tuition & Tutor ) 1465.00
Child Care Expenses (Per semester) **        
One child 500.00  
Two children 875.00  
Three children 1060.00  
Housing Expenses        
Room Deposit (one time) 50.00  
Apartments (Housing deposit, one time) 300.00  
Rent (per semester) - two-bedroom 2125.00  
Rent (per semester)- two-bedroom,one-story 2425.00  
Rent (per semester) - three-bedroom,one-story 2425.00  
Rent (per semester) - three-bedroom,two-story 2800.00  
Room & Board - shared 2200.00  

* Estimated Cost.

+ This is only available for those F-1 visa

** Optional