Since 1955 Printshop, serving Christ

Have you ever felt the need to use a material within the ministry, or to reproduce texts that are a blessing to others? Have you ever thought that those tools are part of Christ's kingdom?

The Printshop aims to reflect Christ and be part of His kingdom of Christ, blessing others.

The RGBI Press serves within academic and ministerial development supporting the progress of every student, pastor, church and missionary in the Christian life. Within the facilities a team of people can work to bless their ministry in design for printed material, prayer cards and letters, bibliographical-editorial edition, reproduction of texts, authorized photocopies, binding, rebuilding of Bibles, and more.

The investment values are used to bless missionaries and the academic development of the Seminary. So gratitude is extended to God for the offerings and trust received, which keep active the projects that the Printshop develops for the glory of the Father.


Printshop Manager -Doug Roeglin
Phone: 956-380-8103

Finisher - Larry Saylors
Phone: 956-380-8109